+ Can you fit this system to any vehicle?

We fit this system to a wide range of commercial vehicles including small vans, horseboxes, road sweepers, refuse vehicles and large trucks and trailers. In many cases we are able to provide a customised solution for most applications. Please contact us on 01285 771333 for more information.

+ Do you supply large fleets with this product?

We supply this product to major fleets including some of the large supermarket chains.

+ How is the System communicating with the braking system of the vehicle?

The system uses sensors that are positioned at the rear of the vehicle. These send a signal that sends a signal via the EBS or to the airbrake.

+ Can you supply outside the UK?

Yes we can supply outside the UK. We are also looking for distributors of our product worldwide.

+ How long as Sentinel Systems been running?

Sentinel Systems Ltd have been developing reversing systems for the HGV market for over 25 years.

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