Reversing Camera Systems for Trucks

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How Sentinel’s Reversing Cameras Can Help You

No matter what size of commercial vehicle you operate and no matter how professional its driver, there is always a risk of an accident when the vehicle is reversing. Cameras are one of the most reliable ways to lower these risks. Damage to the vehicle or to third-party property, or even worse injury to a pedestrian or worker, are ever-present threats that are greatly reduced with a vehicle CCTV system.


Sentinel offer a range of reversing camera solutions to protect your vehicle and everyone in its vicinity, with or without video recording. They offer drivers the ability to manoeuvre precisely and safely.  And combined with Sentinel’s Safetystop and Alerter reversing systems, or with side-scan cameras, they offer complete protection for the vehicle


Benefits of Reversing Cameras:

  • Enable the safe manoeuvring of commercial vehicles of all size.  
  • Provide a guaranteed record of critical events when combined with Sentinel’s recording systems.  
  • Offer clear visibility to the driver on 5” or 7” dash-mounted monitors.
  • Tamper-proof fitting prevents corruption or removal of data.
  • Offer additional reassurance to operational staff when incidents occur.
  • Can be fitted to new vehicles in build, or retrofitted to in-service vehicles by our team of experienced engineers.


Vehicles Supported

Sentinel's camera systems can be fitted to a wide variety of vehicles including HGVs, Vans, Trailers, Tankers, Rigid Trucks, Tipper Trucks, Sweepers, Refuse Vehicles and Forklifts. Sentinel can also custom fit systems to fit any requirements.