Forward Facing Camera Systems for Trucks

Why You Need Sentinel’s Forward-Facing Cameras 

Every reputable operator of commercial vehicles has always wanted to fulfil a duty of care to their drivers and other road users.   Regrettably, even the most honest operators now need not only to invest in vehicle safety, but also to protect themselves against fraudulent insurance claims.


Sentinel offer a range of CCTV camera solutions that bring peace of mind.  They offer drivers the security of knowing that their professionalism is being recorded.  And they offer operators the reassurance that, if they are victims of a “crash for cash” fraud, their own position will be protected.


Benefits of Forward-Facing Cameras:

  • Provide a guaranteed record of critical events.  
  • Tamper-proof fitting prevents corruption or removal of data.
  • Simple to download and package data for use by insurers and the police.
  • Offers additional reassurance to operational staff when incidents occur. 


Vehicles Supported

Sentinel's camera systems can be fitted to a wide variety of vehicles including HGVs, Vans, Trailers, Tankers, Rigid Trucks, Tipper Trucks, Sweepers, Refuse Vehicles and Forklifts. Sentinel can also custom fit systems to fit any requirements.