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Why You Need Sentinel’s Blind Spot Alerter System 

Damage to front bumpers and side step assemblies is a risk when manoeuvring, resulting in expensive repair bills and vehicle downtime. Our Blind Spot Alerter is an ultrasonic multi-sensor system designed to warn drivers of their vehicle’s position in confined spaces, preventing any costly mistakes.


Failsafe Operation

The Blind Spot Alerter is equipped with a programmable CAN adapter.  It connects to the vehicle’s CAN-BUS system and arms the Alerter system when the vehicle is travelling at speeds below 6, 10 or 15MPH.  This feature enables the driver to move away without the risk of false detections.


Total Protection

We offer a range of sensor systems to cover the step and the entire front of the vehicle, depending on each customer’s needs. Each system comes with a control box, rubber-coated sensors for fitment into metal bumpers, audible warning sounder & the CAN adapter.


Worry-Free Fitting

Our experienced engineers offer installation at your premises.  Alternatively, systems can be supplied to vehicle manufacturers and body builders for installation before delivery.


Benefits of the system

  • Reduces the risk of injury to personnel and members of the public while manoeuvring  
  • Reduces the risk of damage to your vehicle while operating in restricted environments, such as loading and unloading at industrial premises.
  • Reduces the risk of potential third-party claims caused by damage and injury resulting from accidents.
  • Reduces vehicle downtime resulting from accident repair.



Can you afford to be without it?

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