Radar Reversing aids for Vans

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How Sentinel’s Van Alerter Reversing Aids Will Help You 

Drivers and operators of vans worry about the risk of injury to personnel or members of the public when their van is making deliveries or navigating through congested streets.  Frequent reversing manoeuvres, often in confined spaces, increase the risk of accidents.


Sentinel’s Van Alerter reversing aid saves the risk of damage to expensive vehicles and third-party property.  Much more importantly, they protect personnel and members of the public from injury and death. Used as an aid to responsible driving, Sentinel’s solutions save lives.


How Does Sentinel’s Van Alerter Reversing System Work? 

  • One or, optionally, two radar sensors are fitted to the rear of the van.
  • Sensors are mounted  behind the bumper, eliminating the need for drilling holes.
  • When reversing, the sensors identify the distance to a potential hazard and give an audible and visual warning to the van driver.
  • The system works in all weather and light conditions – it can sense though ice, snow and fog.
  • The system is only active when the vehicle is placed in reverse, eliminating false alarms while driving.
  • The system has been designed not to restrict the van’s normal operational activity.


Benefits of the Van Alerter System

  • Helps prevent injury to personnel and members of the public while vans are reversing.
  • Helps to prevents damage to vans and 3rd party property.
  • Can reduce potential legal claims caused by damage and injury resulting from reversing accidents.
  • Is unaffected by wind, rain and dirt.
  • Requires little or no maintenance.
  • Comes with the reassurance of an extendable one-year warranty.


Sentinel Systems Save Lives

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